Insomnia and ADHD

This blog really should be on procrastination considering I’ve been meaning to write it for almost two weeks and I kept finding really important reasons not to. (Watching TV, Doodling) Even as I write this I’m fighting against an urge to play my guitar. Must write Blog. However, I’ve already decided on a topic Insomnia and ADHD just because it’s a theme that came up several times over the last few weeks with some of our members.


Like many others with ADHD I have also always had great difficulty with sleep.   Don’t get me wrong I love sleep but it’s the getting to sleep I’ve never liked. Most people seem to be out for the count as soon their heads touch the pillow, but for me my mind becomes active, legs become restless, my tummy may start to rumble, I’ll remember something urgent that i was meant to do earlier or find some other random excuse to sit up all night (Google, Facebook or Twitter). For me the getting to sleep has always been quite boring and the more I try to go to sleep the more difficult it becomes. Now that i think about it, I probably procrastinate going to sleep and when I finally do get to sleep the waking up becomes another issue.


What’s even more irritating if i have to be up early you can guarantee that’ll be the night I won’t sleep at all because of a racing mind. Looking back it has always been like that but it seemed to get worse in my teens and 20s. During that period I regularly sat up to 5am with a group of night owl friends. I was often anxious and depressed and I’m pretty sure the lack of sleep and sunlight probably didn’t help. I also recognise now that lack of sleep escalates my ADHD symptoms, I become much more unorganised, forgetful and my focus becomes non-existent.


Since my diagnosis I’ve tried to understand how my ADHD affects me. I don’t use it as an excuse but i do recognise that many others with ADHD have the same difficulties so I go easy on myself. However I do like to challenge myself and try to overcome the difficulties where possible. Last year we decided to turn our bedroom into a technology free zone. That included Tellies, Mobile phones, laptops and Ipads but we compromised on Kindles because their BRILLIANT. The result has been fantastic; I go to bed at a reasonable time, sleep at moderate time and as a result wake up feeling much better. My technology free zone is either working really well or it’s just simply because I’m in my mid-thirties and getting old. Ignore that last bit please. These simple changes allow me to function as best as I can and help to deliver a much needed service within Adult ADHD NI and ensure that those in need of ADHD support can avail of it.

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