Overcoming ADHD

I’ve talked about starting a blog for over a year now and have finally gotten around to it thanks to a little push from my Fiancée Emma. I’m a founding Director of ADULT ADHD NI and I also have ADHD. Often when I’ve tried to tell people about my ADHD it triggers different reactions. Some people stare at me as if trying to see what ADHD looks like and I’ve even had people say ‘you don’t look like you have ADHD’ whatever that means.  Some have dismissed ADHD saying doesn’t exist. That was very difficult for me to hear that in the early days of my diagnosis because the chaos that my life had been up until my ADHD diagnoses absolutely did exist.

My hope is that through this blog I can create a better understanding of ADHD, reduce the stigma and help those struggling with ADHD accept and better manage their condition including parents and partners affected by the condition. I hope to help make the invisible visible by describing what my ADHD is like for me, the challenges that I’ve faced through my life due to my ADHD and how i continue to overcome these challenges by embracing my strengths and accepting my weaknesses.

Those who read my blogs will see that although ADHD is a daily challenge for me and sometimes my life is somewhat unmanageable generally I’ve discovered balance in my life and that by taking the time to find out what works for you, life will not only be manageable it will be enjoyable.

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